"I can't thank you enough for the wonderful care that mom received while in your care.  Our mother told us again and again how happy she was while living at your Port Springs home and as a family we regret not finding you sooner.  From the pet therapy visits, the musical activities, the painting, and even the cooking activities, and the gorgeous patio and back yard... mom seemed to be happier there in the past year that she had been over the previous 5 years in the large Assisted Living Facility.  Thank you, thank you for your care and attention and for what you do.  I have already referred you to others and will continue to do so!"  - Debbie. H and family.


"It is such a wonderful feeling to know my mother is receiving such wonderful loving care." - Dee & Cliff J.


"Our journey to Bridgeport Senior Living started out as any families would when faced with the hard truth that our parents are no longer able to care for themselves and can no longer live independently. The realization came for us when we noticed mom was not going to the dining room as often, she was having greater difficulty preparing her own meals, even the simplest of tasks became more difficult, and she had started falling more often. Unfortunately after one of mom’s falls we quickly realized she would not be able to stay in her apartment by herself any longer.

We all discussed mom moving up to the Assisted Living, but they did not provide the constant care which mom needed. We also looked into Skilled Nursing Facilities, but quickly realized mom didn’t need that level of care. After lots of praying and many phone calls, I was put in touch with Kevin at Bridgeport Senior Living, and it quickly became apparent that our prayers had been answered.

Bridgeport Senior Living is a home in all sense of the word. Bridgeport Senior Living is unlike the traditional Assisted Living Facilities, because it is truly a home. The staff treats our mother as if she were part of their own family. When you walk into the house you will hear singing and conversations, smell dinner cooking, and a cake baking, just as you would walking into your own home. All the caregivers at Bridgeport Senior Living are patient, loving, and gentle with all of the residents.

There is no greater peace of mind than knowing that each and every day our mom is getting the best care possible by people whose passion is caring for others. Bridgeport has given our mom the independence she deserves and the care that she needs.

Our family recommends anyone looking for Assisted Living for a parent to look into Bridgeport Senior Living before going to a corporate run facility, because Bridgeport Senior Living is a home not a facility. From the moment you experience Bridgeport Senior Living concept you realize this is where you want your parent to live, heck I wish I lived there."

Ellie Wiggin’s 4 Angels – Donna, Scott, Laurie, and Lisa


"Dear Kevin,

I wanted you to know that I really appreciate everything you did for my aunt Martha and me while at Bridgeport.  She always spoke so highly of you, your family, and your staff.  And she finally called it her "home" after having so many health problems in a short period of time.  Her quality of life became so much better.  With all that you offer your residents, it kept her mind and body always moving!  And that is a good thing!

She made a lot of new friends and some even became family to her and that made her feel so special.  She was always telling me what she had been doing.  It was never a dull moment at Bridgeport.  They offer so much to the residents - crafts, cooking, painting, Bible study, manicures, games, movie nights with popcorn, and so much more!  This truly became a home that she loved so much.

I want to thank you for the one on one support, and the wonderful staff at Bridgeport who constantly gave her the love and support that she needed.   It made me feel like I did the right thing by moving her out of her house where she was not in a safe environment.  God Bless all of you!"  -Deborah P.


“We are so pleased with our decision to move our Mom into one of the Bridgeport Senior Living homes.  When we first arrived to tour this home, we were knocked out by the home itself.  It is simply beautiful.  Since then we have discovered how wonderful the care givers are.  Each of them shows real compassion and caring for all of the residents who live there.  Clearly the management and staff have the "right" goals.  They provide individualized care to the residents, they have many fun and stimulating activities, but most of all they provide a safe, caring, nurturing place for our Mom to live.” - Joanne M.


"It has been an absolute honor and privilege to work with you and the excellent staff of Bridgeport Senior Living from their inception. As a home healthcare company, we place a high value on the quality of resident care for the patients we serve in assisted living facilities.  Bridgeport Senior Living provides compassionate service to all, creating ease of mind for the residents, their families, other service providers and care partners. The teams at Bridgeport are excellent communicators of and advocates for the needs of their residents. They always make themselves available—which is wonderful for residents and their families, especially for those who need the extra support during the transition to a new phase of life. Their care and quality exceed industry standards.   We are grateful to partner with such great facilities."

Sincerely, Dennis Heide

Owner/Administrator of Pinnacle Home Health Care, Inc.


"We were faced with a situation with my father  needing more loving care , patience, support, and interaction.
We saw this coming, had warning...  but still were not prepared (clueless) .... apprehensive, burdened, anxious,  and generally feeling like we were over our heads.
We knew this was  potentially  going to be confusing and heartbreaking  for Dad. We thought about bringing him into our home... decided against it.  We threw ourselves into computer research, networking, etc.  Things like number of patients to caregiver, cost, location, guilt, etc. weighed into the decision.  Fate has a way of guiding things  and we were introduced to you as an "oh by the way" type thing.  The single most important part was meeting you and sizing you up.  We found you to be low key (no hustle or pitch), knowledgeable, generous with your time  in making sure things started off on the right foot, a religious and honorable person, someone we trusted.  Fast forward, Dad is settled, surrounded, supported... and  wonderfully cared for!  The quality of his life has risen dramatically and although the final outcome  may not change,  the journey  is going to be as loving and caring as possible.  We are deeply grateful and  happy to share  our story."      - Steve A.


"With Pop at Bridgeport we have peace of mind knowing he's in good hands!!" - Julie A.


"Have I told you that I believe the care you all are giving my father is simply great!  Now that my father is at Bridgeport Senior Living I am secure in the great care that my father receives, and I know that he feels comfortable and happy.

This is probably the first time in five years that I did not have to worry first and only about the care, feeding, bathing, dressing, entertaining, and so forth of my folks, before I took care my business at work or any personal concerns in my own life.  I loved being my parents’ full time caregiver. I felt it was not just my duty as a good son, but a tremendous honor.  I tried to do my best, but I knew I was getting in way over my head.  For the last few years I knew I had to find a better situation for the care of my folks than I was able to give them.  My mom died last spring, but my father’s care was getting to the point that I could not leave him alone for any length of time, thus I could no longer work outside my house. I looked at large assisted care facilities and small family care homes.  Nothing felt as comfortable as what you all have created at Bridgeport Senior Living.  It is a safe, intimate, home environment with full time professional care.  That is better than I was able to provide my father in my own home.

My father was a successful lawyer.  He provided me with a wonderful childhood.  When his mother required assisted care because she had a similar dementia to what he now has, he provided quite well for her care.  In recent years I felt bad that I was not able to provide the generous care he provided for his mother in her later years.  Now at Bridgeport Senior Living my father is receiving the generous loving care he deserves."  - Michael M.


"Mom lived in a large Assisted Living Facility for nearly 5 years when she started forgetting certain things.  She was wandering in and out of other people's bedrooms and was losing weight due to her dementia.  (she was forgetting to eat and bathe etc...)  We were concerned that in the large facilities, their staffing was not sufficient to keep an eye on mom nor to really have time to help her with what she needed.  We were referred to Bridgeport Senior Living in early 2013 and we took a tour.  To be honest, we didn't have high hopes and the drive was further than we had initially planned, but upon meeting the other residents, seeing how great the homes were, how kind and sincere the staff were, we quickly changed our minds.  We moved mom in and she has been doing better in the past 9 month's at Bridgeport than she has in the past 2 years.  She seems more alert, happier, and is being taken care of better than we could have hoped for.  She even gained weight and her doctor was shocked to see how well she has been doing.  We are VERY thankful to the staff at Bridgeport and our family feels confident in recommending them to anyone even remotely considering a dementia facility for their loved one." - Frank and family


"In  July of this year I faced a situation with my aunt that I knew one day would  come.  After having two strokes close  together and several bad falls I had to take the advice of her doctors that it  was no longer safe for her to live by herself. She has lived in Orlando for over 35 years and  I knew it would be better for her to live in an area where her friends could  still come and visit with her.  I live  out of state and I knew that I needed to find a place I could trust, depend on  and that she would be happy at.  After  seeing multiple places I was fortunate to find out about Bridgeport Senior Living.  This home was exactly what I was  looking for.  My aunt has been here three  months and they have taken such good care of her.  Every time I talk with her she has so much to  tell me of what she has been doing. They  take up so much time with each resident and make them feel special.  The Bridgeport Senior Living at Port Isle is  a beautiful home in an established neighborhood.  They have made every effort to provide a  safe, bright and happy environment for these seniors. I feel so blessed to have  my aunt as a resident here.  I want to  thank all the staff who are always willing to be my eyes and  ears when I need them. I can truly say  that Bridgeport Senior Living is a very special place for these very special  seniors to live in." Sincerely,  Debbie


"From the moment we pulled into the driveway at Bridgeport Sr. Living, we knew that was going to be home for mom.  Words cannot express our gratitude for all you do for her.  I understand it is your job to provide care; however, it is so comforting to have her with people that really care and always have her best interest in mind.   There are many activities for the Residence to enjoy at Bridgeport Sr. living and the environment is very positive .  It is AWESOME that we can sleep at night knowing she is loved and cared for.  Once again, Thank you so much to the staff for all you do." -Bobby and Chris R.


"I had mom in a large ALF for several years when she began to show signs of dementia.  We tried to keep her there in the dementia wing but the care was not what we expected nor what mom needed.  We spoke to 3 different Elder Law Attorneys in the Orlando area and asked them what would be the best option for mom as she was dealing with dementia.  Although they gave us a few options, every single one of them told us that we should look at Bridgeport Senior Living because of the feedback that they had received from other children who had their loved ones in Bridgeport.  Well we are SO thankful that we did find Bridgeport as they have been a blessing to us and to mom.  Dana, the administrator, is unbelievable and she is truly committed to keeping us informed with what is going on as well as the entire team.  I thank God for Bridgeport Senior Living and highly recommend them to any and all of my friends who are seeking this type of care for their loved ones." - Jean S.

Bridgeport Senior Living - PO Box 947868, Maitland FL 32794-7868